The signs of spring on the seashore

What little snow accumulates on coastal meadows quickly melts away in the spring sun, but after a harsh winter the fragile spring ice may linger for quite a while in some bay coves. Meadows and shallow unfrozen spots in bays serve as feeding stops for the first migratory birds. For some birds, these are the end points of their migration, their nesting grounds. Others take only a short break to rest and feed before continuing their journey north. New, bright green shoots reach towards the light from among last year’s yellowed reeds. Likewise under the surface the spring sun causes bottom-dwelling plants and creatures to stir, and they are soon ready to take on a new spring. The light has returned, and soon the warmth returns as well. The first spawning pike splash around in the coastal shallows.

The coastal meadows of Ruissalo
Traditional landscapes managed by cattle
Open meadows are favoured by waders, while waterfowl and reedbed birds prefer shallow sea bays