The inhabitants of bird islets are protected by the sea and neighbours

The islets off the coast of Ruissalo return to life in the spring with the arrival of terns, gulls, barnacle geese and other denizens of islets. Great cormorants have established their own colony on Äijäkari. Surrounded by water, the islets provide bird nests and chicks with better protection against predators than the mainland. The fact that there are several pairs of eyes scanning the environment and that everyone participates in driving away possible intruders only adds to the safety. When an intruder is detected, the air is soon filled with a cacophony of bird calls, with terns angrily diving at their enemy. People are not allowed to set foot on bird islets or go near them in a boat during the nesting season from 15 March to 31 July. Please let the birds nest in peace and only observe them from afar.