Ruissalo Nature School

Ruissalo Nature School, formerly Tammenterho Nature School, started its operations in 1995 along Rantapromenadi. The Nature School moved in 2016 to the premises of the Botanical Garden of the University of Turku. The Nature School is managed by the Environmental Protection unit of the Urban Environment Division of the City of Turku.

The purpose of the Nature School is to supplement and support the schools’ own environmental education and offer ready-made teaching modules built taking the content of the current curricula into account. Over 4,000 visitors come to the Ruissalo Nature School every year.

The personal experiences of students play a key role in how the Nature School operates. Because of this, the lessons take place mainly outdoors. While learning to observe and explore the environment, a positive relationship with nature is cultivated. In addition to the above-mentioned nature school activities, the Nature School also organizes various courses and cooperates with other local and national operators.

Ruissalo Nature School is a certified development centre of the LYKE network and functions as a regional promoter of the Vihreä Lippu programme (website in Finnish and Swedish)


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Ruissalo Nature School
Ruissalon puistotie 215
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