The most beautiful seaside summer

The gentle sea breeze whispers among the dense reeds on the bay shores, while the sea glimmers in the sun. By now, the coastal waters have warmed up enough to make the spring chill a mere fleeting memory, and the evenings have become nice and warm as well. With the height of the breeding season over, now is the time to grow. Dense shoals of fry dart around in the coastal shallows, looking for food, while waterfowl broods explore the surface, swimming behind their mothers, and the shrill contact calls of passeriform broods sound in the reed beds. Meanwhile bottom plants and animals spend their summer hidden from sight and unheard, yet growing and reproducing like all the rest.

The cattle grazing on open coastal meadows may seem sleepy, but they carry out an important task. Their hooves and hungry mouths prevent the meadow from overgrowing and keep it open, thus preserving the demanding flora and fauna of the meadows and the bird species that need open nesting sites.